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Tcl/Tk GUI Application Rules

These are some notes I made for myself as a checklist when writing Tcl/Tk apps for Windows that are distributed as executables either using freeWrap or Starpack.

  • The application should have an icon that is not the standard wish icon.

  • The Enter key should work as expected in all dialogs typically invoking the OK button actions.

  • The Escape key should work as expected in all dialogs to cancel all edited changes and exit the dialog..

  • The main window and all dialogs should have title bars that include the application name in the title.

  • Modal dialogs should be modal.

  • Using the Close Menu item from the System menu or the Close button provided by the Window Manager for every window should do the equivalent of the Cancel button in all dialogs. In the main application window, closing the application using these methods should do the equivalent of the Exit menu item.

  • The application should always have a "Help" item in the menu-bar as the last item. This should have atleast an "About" menu-item.

  • The application should check for unsupported Tcl/Tk versions and exit gracefully.

  • The application should exit gracefully on required packages not being found.

  • The application should exit gracefully on Tcl or Tk command errors.

  • Alt-Tabbing back to the application when some dialog is open should work correctly and bring the entire stack of windows into focus.


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