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The Experience Shows!

On this page I am collecting links to web-pages written by authors whose experience or deep-thinking about a particular topic shows through in what they have written. Note that these are mostly computer related (not life related!) and are write-ups that appealed to me personally. Latest links at the top.

  • The 9X Email Problem : Thoughts on why some products fail to catch on in spite of clear benefits to the consumer. Something to consider when creating a product and evaluating whether it will be successful.

  • The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security : This is a must read for anyone thinking about computer security issues. Even if you don't agree with some of the ideas, they will atleast make you think. Some of the ideas are contrarian and go against commonly accepted thought in this area.

  • Web App Autopsy : In-depth analysis of 4 new (Web 2.0 anyone?) web-services -- what they are programmed in, how much time they took to implement, various ratios, etc. Interesting to anyone thinking of starting a web-related venture.

  • What To Know Before Debating Type Systems : The author lucidly explains the various kinds of type systems in programming languages and this article should be required reading for people hotly debating which is a better type system -- they first need to make sure they get their definitions right!

  • Starting Ruby on Rails: What I wish I knew : Always helps to read an 'experienced' newbie's experiences with learning some new-fangled tool/mechanism. This article has nice pointers for someone who is familiar with programming for the web and wants to get up-to-speed on Ruby on Rails.


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