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PPP Information

Here are some links to the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) RFC and related RFC's.

  • Search the RFC Editor's page with the keyword "PPP" for a more complete list.
  • New Internet-Drafts related to PPP are here.

Core PPP:

RFC Title RFC Number
The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) RFC1661 (STD0051)
Older RFCs: RFC1331, RFC1548, RFC1570
PPP in HDLC-like Framing RFC1662 (STD0051)
PPP Link Quality Monitoring RFC1989
Older RFCs: RFC1333
The PPP Multilink Protocol (MP) RFC1990
Older RFCs: RFC1717
The PPP Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (BAP) / The PPP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP) RFC2125
The Multi-Class Extension to Multi-Link PPP RFC2686


RFC Title RFC Number
The PPP Encryption Control Protocol (ECP) RFC1968
The PPP Compression Control Protocol (CCP) RFC2153
Older RFC's: RFC1962
PPP Bridging Control Protocol (BCP) RFC2878
Older RFC's: RFC1638
The PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) RFC1332
Older FC's: RFC1172
The PPP Internetworking Packet Exchange Control Protocol (IPXCP) RFC1552
The PPP OSI Network Layer Control Protocol (OSINLCP) RFC1377
IP Version 6 over PPP RFC2472
Older RFC's: RFC2023
This is not a PPP RFC, but is described as part of the MPLS Label Stack Encoding (See section 4).

PPP Over...:

RFC Title RFC Number
Older RFC's: RFC1619
PPP over Simple Data Link (SDL) using SONET/SDH with ATM-like framing RFC2823
PPP Over AAL5 RFC2364
PPP in Frame Relay RFC1973
A Method for Transmitting PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) RFC2516


RFC Title RFC Number
Mobile-IPv4 Configuration Option for PPP IPCP RFC2794
Older RFC's: RFC2002, RFC2290
PPP Vendor Extensions RFC2153
Older RFC's: RFC1661, RFC1962
PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol Extensions for Name Server Addresses RFC1877
PPP LCP Extensions RFC2484
Older RFC's: RFC1548, RFC1570


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