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Online Web Site Development Tools

Here are some pointers to mostly free resources that I use in the course of web-site development. Most of these resources are free online tools that perform a single specific (and useful) function mostly related to web-page development or CSS or web-site optimization.

  • OctaGate Site Timer : This service (which doesn't appear to be listed on their main web-page for some reason!) allows you to enter a web-page address and will then proceed to retrieve the page and measure the time taken to retrieve the various pieces of the page (including the CSS, scripts, various images and the html). Useful when you are trying to figure out what parts of your page are taking the most time and if you can re-order the elements in your page to improve page load time (or atleast ensure that most of what the visitor is interested in is loaded as fast as possible).
  • Website Grader : Enter the URL for your web-site and additional optional information and this site will analyse your site and give it a comparison grade against all other sites measured by this site. Sites are analysed on various criteria including amount of traffic, google pagerank, popularity in social networks like digg and technorati and also point out issues that might contribute to issues in google search rankings.
  • favicon Generator : Point the site to an image and it will generate a favicon for you based on this image.
  • Stripe Generator : Generate background stripe imags to use in CSS for backgrounds of various elements. Things can't get easier than this. No mucking around with image editing software. Tartan Maker is another tool in the same mould for creating tartan backgrounds.
  • Tabs Generator : Start on your way to designing custom tabs images for use in CSS.
  • Colorjack.com : Color selection tool to match colors for use in web-sites and anywhere else.
  • Brilliant Button Maker : Create 80x15 button images like these: i-grokittoo!.png (259 bytes)
  • My Cool Button : Create "web 2.0" style buttons with that glassy look and more.
  • Gradient Image Maker : Very simple and easy-to-use interface to generate gradient images for use in CSS backgrounds.
  • Browser Shots : Free service that allows you to check how your web-page looks in different browsers, different browser versions and on different platforms.
  • DomainTools Whois : Simply the very-best whois service according to me! Retrieves a lot of information about a domain in addition to the actual whois information. The web-site provides the entire range of domain name related services.


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